Cash Bandits Slots

Some slot games are destined to become massive hits, and this one certainly managed that. Even today, some years after its launch, Cash Bandits regularly draws in the players.

It’s easy to see why when you explore its potential, too. That’s what we are going to do here in our slot game review, so if you haven’t checked out the game yet, don’t do so until you’ve read our take on it here.

Who created Cash Bandits?

Realtime Gaming is the name behind this game, and they’ve also released a sequel thanks to its popularity.

You get the chance to play a good demo if you wish

The bonus is the bit everyone is talking about, and that is included in the demonstration version of this slot game. You’ll soon see whether Cash Bandits has enough appeal for you to play it when you try the practice version.

The theme is obvious enough

Bandits are never up to any good, are they? The game is based on their efforts to break open a vault or two. You’ll see cops in the game too, along with lots of other appropriate symbols. Some are worth more than others, but all contribute to the overall look of this action-packed game.

We think you’ll approve of the design

Whenever crime is targeted as a slot game theme, it can be a little heavy. Fortunately, that’s not the case here, because the game has a cartoon stance that works nicely. You won’t even notice you don’t get the benefit of 3D symbols and images either.

Let’s get to the basic features you should look for in Cash Bandits

You’ve probably already guessed there are five reels in action in this game. RTG has also provided three icons on each one, so the familiar 5 x 3 layout is ready to start whenever you’re ready to spin.

The game has the usual mix of prizes in the paytable, but there’s a progressive jackpot waiting to be won too.

Now, let’s check out the two valuable symbols that have roles to play:

• A golden bank vault is the wild icon • A police shield is the scatter icon

The wild vault is good for replacing everything apart from the scattered shield.

How many lines can you bet on?

There are 25 in play, and you can play as many or as few as you want. However, if you reduce the quantity, a prize could be found on a line you didn’t bet on. In that case, you wouldn’t receive that payout.

Betting options for the Cash Bandits slot game

You can get underway from just a cent per line here, which means a quarter covers all the available paylines. At the opposite end of the coin values, a quarter can be played per line at most if you wish.

Paytable information

It’s good to read this before you get started, even if you only intend to try the demo game. You’ll find a link to it just beside reel five, where you are promised access to help and rules.

Let’s check out the famous bonus

Cash Bandits is best known for its bonus round, which is called the Vault Bonus. You must find three scattered shields in a base game spin to trigger it.

You are then shown another screen with four sealed vaults to try and open. There is space for a code to appear next to each one, and the idea is that you need to select a number from the keypad to see if that number appears in any of the codes.

If you manage to correctly guess all the available codes, you will secure 90 free spins at a multiplier of 12x. However, even if you only get a few correct numbers, you’d still get a decent quantity of spins. The base prize for the Vault Bonus before you start choosing numbers is to receive five free games with a 2x multiplier on anything won. So, you’re guaranteed a few spins even if everything else goes wrong.

Play your free spins at the end of the picking bonus

While the bonus is based around free games, it can take a while to get there thanks to the Vault portion of the action. This is just one reason why the bonus in Cash Bandits has proven to be a huge hit.

Do we know what the RTP is?

No, because it hasn’t been announced by Realtime Gaming.

Our rating is a good one

This receives nine out of 10 points from our team. The bonus is the highlight, but the game itself is great to play too.

How much could you secure in prizes from the Vault Bonus?

The best outcome would be to scoop the progressive jackpot. However, the potential to collect several decent prizes during the free game feature is certainly obvious. Could you manage to score enough games to collect some great prizes?

Play the Cash Bandits demo today

This could be the best way to get started, as you’ve got the chance to see what the base game is like. Hopefully, you’ll also unlock the Vault Bonus to give that a try as well.

Good RTG casinos allow their members to play for real

You’d need to be a member to get the chance to play the real version of Cash Bandits. There are plenty of great RTG casinos to choose from.

Mobile playability is also available

If you like playing your favorite slots on Android or iOS tablets or smartphones, you can add this one to that list too.