Crazy Dragon Slots

Sometimes you spot a slot game that you think might be formulaic. Then you realize nothing could be further from the truth. Crazy Dragon is a lot like that. We set out to review this slot game, only to realize it held a few surprises in store.

We're going to share those surprises with you here, so you might want to hang on and check out the details in our complete game review. Get ready to face the dragon.

Developer information for the Crazy Dragon slot game

If we reveal the game was created by Realtime Gaming, you'll know you are in line for a good gaming experience here.

Try the demo if you are skeptical of the game

Is there reason to be skeptical? Maybe, depending on the type of game you usually play. That crazy dragon might just reveal a few neat features here if you play a few practice spins.

Does it offer a dragon-filled theme?

There is just one dragon involved, but it is a striking one based in Chinese lore. Think of the exotic dragons you sometimes see in street parades and you'll get the idea.

We rate this game highly in terms of the design

This is far from the most complex slot we have ever reviewed. However, it does manage to provide a lot of appeal and color. The one-armed bandit format is obvious, but this machine is way more colorful than any other one we've seen.

Learning what to expect in the Crazy Dragon slot game

The game offers three clear reels, but it also has a progressive jackpot, positioned just above those reels. It's tricky to get your paws on, but then, all progressives are hard to win, right?

There aren't many symbols involved in the game, but the most important is the dragon itself. This is split into three sections (ouch!) and each one is reserved for a separate reel. So, it could appear across all three reels. We'll discover what might occur if you see that combination shortly.

There is a wild too though, and this takes on the guise of the famous yin yang symbol. As you might guess, it replaces everything apart from the dragon.

Can we assume there is just one payline here?

Yes, we can.

Betting options

The Crazy Dragon slot doesn't have too many of these. Some progressive slots demand a higher bet per spin, and that's the case here too. You must wager a dollar per spin. The only variation is to play one, two, or three coins on each spin, so that would make the maximum spin wager $3.

Don't forget to review the paytable

It's easy to see because it appears right above the reels of the game.

Is there a bonus involved in Crazy Dragon?

No, but there is something else to look forward to.

What about some free spins?

No, but you get the next best thing - and that's some respins. If the dragon's head appears on the first reel, two respins are granted. Find the head and the body and this increases to five respins. Find the whole dragon across the three reels and you will receive 20 respins.

This also reveals the key to getting the progressive jackpot. You must get 100 respins of the reels from a single wager to scoop that prize. That means finding the entire dragon on five consecutive occasions!

Do we know what the slot's RTP is?

No, this isn't made clear.

Our rating for Crazy Dragon

For a three-reel slot, this sure does pack a lot in. A wild, a scattered dragon in three portions, some respins, and the chance of a progressive prize too. You can't ask for much else, hence why our rating is 8 out of 10.

Everyone wants to be a progressive jackpot winner

Few will make it, of course, but if you manage to score all those respins in one hit, you could get there. Certainly, if you manage to get 20 respins from the entire dragon, you'll be watching closely to see what happens next…

Can you play the demo first?

You should, especially as the game is pricier to play for real than many other slots.

Will your budget allow you to play for real?

Think carefully before considering whether you would like to play the real version of the game. At a dollar a pop for a one-coin wager, this is likely to get expensive real fast.

Mobile players can also access the game

It looks good even when you're playing on a mobile device, and it works on Android and iOS platforms too.