High Rollers Slots

High Rollers Slots

High rollers are players that like to place big bets on each casino game they play. So, does the High Rollers slot game take that same stance? Would you be surprised if we said no?

This title is firmly set in the Seventies. A cool hippie stands to the left of the paytable to confirm this. All the icons in this game hark back to the Seventies era too, so if you were around back then, this game is sure to raise a smile. Will it raise any prizes though?

Developer information for the High Rollers slot

This game is one of the RTG collection of games. It's an older title, hence why it looks different to their modern releases.

There is a demo to check out

The game is easy to understand, but that doesn't mean the demo doesn't have its place. Check it out and see how the game works for real.

A superb Seventies theme

With a Volkswagen, a lava lamp, and a cool t-shirt among the icons appearing on the reels of this game, you'll feel as if you have been transported back in time. There are other Seventies-themed slot games around, but this is a favorite of ours.

The design looks cool too

We feel we are overusing the word cool… but it's honestly for a good reason. Expect some bright colors in this game, with bright white backdrops for the reels themselves.

Learning the basics for the High Rollers online slot

This is a three-reel game, so it's ideal if you fancy something smaller to play than the average five-reel options. The game doesn't have a progressive jackpot.

There is only one special symbol to be aware of here - this is the peace sign, shown in a mix of neon colors. It is a wild and it can be used to replace anything else on the reels to form a successful combo.

Does the game only have one payline?

No, it gives you five, all of which must be played.

Selecting your coin wager for each line

There is a good range available here, but we're not looking at a penny slot. Instead, we are looking at a five-cent coin per line at the minimum. The largest coin is worth $5.

You'll have no issues finding the paytable

They've put this one in plain sight. The three-reel appearance means they have given you the look of a real slot machine. The paytable appears on the upper portion of it and the reels and controls are below.

The paytable shows how the prizes pay out. The game is unusual in that lines one through four pay out one prize amount per winning combo. The fifth line pays out the same amounts except for the jackpot, which is more than double the size it would be if it landed on any of the other lines.

Should you expect to see a bonus round in High Rollers?

You might expect it, but you'd be disappointed as there isn't one.

What about free spins?

No, this is a simple three-reel slot with a wild involved and nothing more.

The RTP hasn't been announced

This appears to be the case with all Realtime Gaming titles, so if you're familiar with this outfit, you won't be surprised at this news.

Our rating for the High Rollers slot game

This is nice if you want a three-reel game that doesn't revolve around fruit. It's basic, of course, and we'd normally rate it as 6/10. However, the design alone, coupled with the wild, elevates it to a nice 7/10 ranking.

What is the top prize any winners could get?

The highest prize is paid for finding three Volkswagens on the fifth line. If you manage that, you'll receive 100 coins. So, way lower than many other similar slots can offer.

The demo gives you a chance to spin for a while at no charge

Playing in practice mode is always good to do if you're curious to see if you like a slot as much as you think you do. High Rollers gives you the chance to do this, so why not check it out?

You can move on to play for real whenever you feel ready

You may decide this isn't the game for you. However, you might like what you see, and it could sit nicely with your budget. There are only four icons in the game, plus the wild, so finding winning combos could potentially happen more often than you might expect.

Can you play on mobile?

If you encounter a good RTG casino, you should find you get access to the game on mobile platforms too, including iOS and Android.