Lovable Pets Slots

Lovable Pets Slots

Real-Time Gaming has a way of setting the stage and playing the right tune to win over players around the world. This time, they tug on your heartstrings when it comes to Lovable Pets, a recent addition to the Real-Time Gaming universe that gives you plenty of pets and plenty of chances of winning too.

Real-Time Is So Adorable

Yes. When it comes to Lovable Pets, Real-Time Gaming displays its soft side and proves its emotional depth. While you get caught up with all the furry cuteness, Lovable Pets is still a highly functional five-reel game with many bonuses and treats awaiting you.

Practice Your Bark

Or you can practice purring. Lovable Pets invites players to get to know this phenomenal game at their pace. There is no rush to make an actual deposit.

Playing With Your Pets Is The Theme

Lovable Pets sells out unapologetic with the cute pet theme. Animated pets and cats bouncing around the screen gives you no choice to melt your heart and to put a petful smile on your face. The gameplay and the game flow works in the middle of a precious field full of grass. Plenty of space for you to run amuck and wild throughout the glorious fields of the pet kingdom.

You're Going To Love This Design

Lovable Pets keeps tugging on the heartstrings through the simple but effective game design. Real-Time Gaming though about everything to put your mind at ease and for you to settle into this cute winning affair. Lovable Pets gives you the option of relying on the autoplay feature to arrange the scores of bets, or you can still place bets manually to get going.

Lovable Pets provides a paytable button for quick access to the glorious details, which is something we will talk about shortly. Other pertinent game functions are the options button, the pay line arrows, and the coin button system.

You're Going To Love All Of The Neat Game Features

Lovable Pets sets the stage for significant wins during regular gameplay while putting your love for bets into overtime with the bonus rounds. We will discuss this petful term in further detail with the bonus rounds.

Pay Lines For Days

Lovable Pets breaks the bank for cuteness and love thanks to the outstanding 4,096 pay lines that are at your disposal. You can try to keep up and bounce with the cute pets and stake your wagers on the whole 4,096 pay lines, or you can dial things back and place bets on smaller pay lines. That's the power of the pay lines at work.

Finalizing The Adorable Cash Bet

The next order of business with Lovable Pets is to declare your cash bet. That's where the coin buttons enter the equation. With the coin buttons, you can quickly arrange bets beginning from ten cents, but it mushrooms into something more.

Barking Through The Paytable

If you adore pets, you are going to adore the pets and all that they give in the paytable. We begin with the colorful wild symbol. This colorful wild doubles winning combination but it does not land on the first reel.

The tranquil Lovable Pets logo is the scatter symbol responsible for launching the free spins bonus round. The fish in the bowl swims around cutely to the tune of 250 credits, while the dog makes an appearance on the reels with 200 credits. The adorable kitten delivers the purr of 150 credits, while the teddy bear delivers 125 credits.

Scratch And Claw In The Bonus Rounds

Lovable Pets is rich in the bonus round department. This six-reel game provides a guaranteed re-spin feature to keep the cuteness going. If you lose at any point during lovable Pets' regular gameplay, you can initiate a random Lovable Pets re-spin. If you should lose during the re-spin, another re-spin commences until you win something. And if you win during the re-spin, the winning multiplier can go up to seven times.

Purring Into The Free Spins Round

A trio of the Lovable Pets logo sets you up to fetch more wins in the free spins round. The more scatters that fall on the reels, the greater the number of free spins. Five of the Lovable Pets logo yields 16 free animal spins. While playing in the Lovable Pets free spins round, the winning multiplier grows to seven times.

Fetching The Return To Player

Lovable Pets is high in the return to player value. Lovable Pets follows the regular tradition of Real-Time Gaming slots where you get to enjoy a robust and rewarding return to player that ranks high in the ninety-percentile.

A Purrfect Rating

Lovable Pets enjoys rave reviews and tremendous article support. The only animal question that remains is why aren't you joining the buzz and the attention.

Racing To Have Fun With The Pets

Lovable Pets once all of you to have fun. Remember. You can play demo play for making a bet.

Chewing And Burying The Bone For Real

When you are ready to place a real bet for Lovable Pets, the online casino hosting and supporting this game has many user-friendly banking options to get you off the ground.

Lovable Pets Works On Smart Devices

Lovable Pets works like a charm on all the major smart devices so that you will have no problem enjoying yourself and winning in the process with this terrific six-reel game.