Masks of Atlantis Slots

We can't refuse to play a slot game that revolves around Atlantis, so here we are, reviewing the game called Masks of Atlantis to see what it reveals. It takes us underwater, which is no surprise, but does the game itself bring forth any surprise elements?

Blocks fall into view to create a five-reel game

There are no spinning reels here, but the idea is the same. You also have a selection of 20 lines to bet on.

You can play Masks of Atlantis as a penny slot

This means the game requires 20 cents to make sure all those lines are covered. The largest total bet comes up at $20.

Make sure you check for the special symbols during Masks of Atlantis

The wilds carry a label, so they're quick to spot when they appear. You can use those to substitute for everything else, apart from the gold disc, acting here as a scatter symbol.

Can you expect a bonus or two from Masks of Atlantis?

Yes - the first is the captivatingly named Seaquake Cascade. It removes all winning icons that appear in a spin. You then get a cascade of symbols coming down to fill in any gaps that remain. You also have a multiplier of 1x to start, and that will increase by 1x for each cascade you achieve in a row.

You can also grab some free spins for finding three scatters on a paid line, starting from reel one. Each combination of three brings you 10 spins, so it's possible to gain several sets if you land enough scatters. Remember they must land on the same line, just as a prize combination needs to. You can also experience the Seaquake Cascade during these games, and should this occur, the multiplier can go far higher, hitting a maximum of 15x.

Discover the mysteries of Atlantis and see how many masks you can find

This is one of our favorite versions of an Atlantis-themed slot. It looks incredible, and we know that appearance is half the battle when spotting a good slot to play. Make sure you know what to expect by starting with the practice games today.