Shadow Gods Slots

There is no need if you read our comprehensive slot game review here because we are going to reveal every fact about this polished and dynamic online slot. Shadow Gods sure has a mysterious title… who are these gods and what might they reveal to you during play?

There is a popular theme in action here, so see if you can figure out what it is before we reveal it a bit further down…

Shadow Gods comes from a reliable developer

We all have our favorite developers, but RTG has released many outstanding titles many players love. We think Shadow Gods could well join that selection.

Demo details

Yes, there is a demonstration version that works identically to the real thing if you want to try it.

Where do the gods come from in this theme?

When we think of gods, we tend to think of Greek gods or maybe Norse ones. But here we are in the company of two important ancient Egyptian gods. Did that surprise you? It did us.

The game certainly does well with the design

We wonder how long it took to develop this one, as the design is outstanding. It may never be top of the list of essentials for any slot game, but we think it is vital to see it in action. They’ve taken the time to develop cool graphics and poured lots of colors into it too.

Learn more about how to play Shadow Gods slots

The game starts with five reels on your screen, each offering three icons, so that much is familiar enough. There aren’t any progressive prizes here, so the prizes you can receive are the ones mentioned on the paytable.

The gods of the title are named Horus and Anubis, and each one only appears on a single reel. Horus is a substitute on the second reel, and Anubis is a substitute on the fourth reel. They appear as full-height icons, and if they land where only one or two spaces are shown as wild, the relevant reel nudges to show you the full symbol.

You should also look out for gold coins to appear. Whenever one does show up, a value is shown on it. We’ll explain more about that in a moment. Before we leave this section, we should also mention that a pharaoh’s mask is put to work as a scatter.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 50 of them in action, and none are fixed, so if you want to play fewer than that, you can.

Bets to think about

Shadow Gods uses coins worth from four cents upwards. This doesn’t qualify the game to be called a penny slot, as playing all 50 lines would incur a $2 total bet.

A comprehensive paytable is included

The game needs lots of explanations to give you the knowledge you need to play it. You can find several pages of information within the paytable.

Does Shadow Gods include a bonus?

It does, and you need to locate at least six gold coins to trigger it. Those coins stay in position for the bonus. The other positions without coins on them go through three respins. New coins appearing in those spins stay where they are too. You’ll also get the respin count set back to the original three.

The idea is to either fill the screen with coins to secure the Grand Prize, or to find as many coins as possible to receive the grand total of the amounts shown on those coins.

Does Shadow Gods offer any free spins?

You may not think so, given the nature of the above bonus. However, you can receive six free games for finding three of those pharaoh masks scattered anywhere in view. You can then decide how you want to play them:

• The Wild Reels spins see Horus and Anubis as expanded full-height wilds on reels two and four for all six spins • The Treasure Spins option gives you three gold coins positioned on reel five, so you need just three more to appear in a free game to trigger the bonus

You can also retrigger the free games, so there is a lot of potential there.

RTP information

This is not available, but it is common enough to find an RTG slot without any clear RTP info.

Shadow Gods has earned a high rating from us

We hate revealing a 10/10 score but this one gets close, earning 9.5/10 instead. We docked a half point for no 3D graphics. Can you imagine how good it would have appeared if they’d gone for those?

How much could be won?

According to our information about the Shadow Gods slot, it seems the biggest prize would be worth 50,000x your wager on one spin.

Play for entertainment if you wish

Some players are likely never to progress beyond the demo, as it is great to check out and play.

Play for real if you have a suitable budget

You wouldn’t want to play the game with any less than all 50 lines covered, so you need to be sure the $2 bet for doing that isn’t too much.

You can play the mobile version of Shadow Gods too

The game looks impressive on a large computer screen, but don’t discount the impressive appearance if you use a tablet or smartphone on iOS or Android either.