Shopping Spree 2 Slots

Shopping is obviously the theme here, and if you tried the first slot in this two-slot experience, you’ll know we’re not just talking about basics provisions. We’re talking about smartphones, pricey jewelry, and plenty more like it.

No need to pack your credit card for this review though. Let’s walk through each aspect of the Shopping Spree 2 slot game together, so you can find out what’s in store for you.

Created by the same developer, as you’d expect

If you recall, the first game came from RTG, so it makes sense the second one would as well.

They have once again supplied demo access

It’s always nice to see a game based around a demo. You can learn plenty from checking out that version before playing for real and save your budget as well.

A shopping theme once again

The title didn’t really suggest anything different, did it?

We haven’t progressed to a 3D design

That might have been nice but the 2D one is sharp enough and has some nice touches involved. The backdrop takes us into a shopping mall to find the items shown on the reels, we guess.

Reels, icons, and more details: The basics of the Shopping Spree 2 slot

This is another five-reel slot game, and it doesn’t take long to see there is a progressive jackpot involved here as well. One of the reasons why this sequel has made headlines is the size of that jackpot. It can be big enough to fund the shopping spree of the title!

You’d expect to see some SALE labels while out shopping, and this game gives you the chance to find those as wilds. They can appear grouped on the third reel of the game. Whenever it shows up as part of a prize, you can expect a multiplier worth one of five amounts. The smallest is 2x while the largest is 20x. It doesn’t substitute for the scatter but everything else is good. If you’re wondering what the scatter looks like, just see if you can spot the game logo.

Fewer paylines than you might have guessed

There are only nine involved in Shopping Spree 2. They’re fixed as well, so you need to cover the lot every time you play.

Available wagers for Shopping Spree 2

This is one surprise involved in the game, as there is no chance of sorting through various amounts. Instead, you need to play $2.25 on each spin, which equates to 25 cents on each of the nine lines.

Paytable details for this slot game

The paytable hides behind the info button, so once you select that, you can see what is in store for you. Checking what everything looks like before you begin is a smart idea.

Bonus potential in this game

The slot does have a bonus round, but there are free spins involved in it. So, keep reading to see what the round involves…

How to score some free spins

Three logos appearing anywhere in a single spin will bring you nine free spins. These spins don’t play out as usual. You’ll see all the regular symbols, but you may also see five tickets. These are valued at 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. The idea is that whenever one of those amounts appears on the reels, it goes toward the Bonus Tally. You’ll see this on your screen during the nine games.

When you’ve played through the nine games, you can progress to play some Bonus Free Games. You receive three of these for each 1,000 points you amassed in your Bonus Tally. These are different to the regular free games as you get SALE ticket wilds in each position on reel three for all the spins.

The game contains a table of rewards for amounts below the 1,000 trigger for the Bonus Free Games. this means you could get anything from 3x to 100x the amount of the bet that opened the free games to start with.

RTP details for the slot game

Nothing is available on this topic, but if we find anything we’ll add it here.

Do we like the Shopping Spree 2 slot game?

We do, and that free game feature is certainly more entertaining thanks to that Bonus Tally element. We couldn’t drop lower than a 9 out of 10 score for this game.

How can you get hold of that jackpot?

The diamond ring is key to winning this. You need to find a diamond ring on each reel except for the middle one. That one must contain a wild bearing the largest 20x multiplier, with all the icons appearing on the same paid line. Yes, it is tricky to do, but then it should be for such a giant jackpot, right?

You can try the demo at no risk

With the bet per spin set at $2.25, you ought to play the practice version first to see if you’re going to like what you see in this slot game. You can then work out whether you want to play that much for a few spins.

Make sure you are ready to play for real

This is a decent game to try even if you never go beyond the demo. However, if your budget can stand it and you fancy trying a game with a massive jackpot, there is a lot to enjoy in the Shopping Spree 2 slot game.

You’ve also got touch controls on mobile devices

This makes it even more important to test the game demo first. Android and iOS fans and users can access the mobile slot version too.