Bao Ni 8 Slots

Yes, we are starting with a question, but this slot does have an unusual title. It does reveal a little about the likely setting for the game though, and we’ll learn more as we make progress in our review.

The Bao Ni 8 slot game is a good one though – we’ll reveal that right at the start. If you are curious to see whether you should add it to your favorites, read on to find out everything you need to know before you play.

Developer details for the Bao Ni 8 slot game

This comes from a developer with a strong pedigree for excellent games. Did the letters RTG pop into your mind? Yes, it’s from the same team who came up with titles such as Cash Bandits and Bubble Bubble.

Can you try a demo first?

Yes, the team has provided the ability to play a demonstration version that is exactly like the real thing, except you use their demo credits instead of cash.

Can we guess at an Asian theme?

We can, and we are correct. These themes often include coins with a hole in, which are designed to be threaded and kept together, sometimes around the neck. A smiling person appears in the game as well, along with various other sights you might expect to see in an Asian-themed slot.

The more you explore the visual elements, the easier it is to see there is a theme based on the Chinese New Year.

The design is mainly confined to the reels

Some slots don’t bother with a background design, even though this adds depth and style to the game. Bao Ni 8 plays out without much of a background too, although it makes up for the lack of a design there with some detailed symbols when the game gets underway.

What to expect when you play Bao Ni 8

There are five giant reels to look at here. You won’t see any progressive prizes dotted around, so the paytable tells you which ones you might pick up during play.

The number eight is mentioned in the title and it is supposed to bring good fortune. It shouldn’t be a surprise then to see a golden 888 symbol used here as a substitute. There is a scatter too, which is a giveaway by saying FREE GAMES.

How many paylines should you expect to see?

We gave you a clue by saying the number eight was important, and there are eight lines in action here.

Bets you can choose from in Bao Ni 8 slots

With just one cent to go for as the cheapest coin, you can cover all the lines in the slot for just eight cents on each spin. That should make the game affordable for lots of players. There are other coins too, with the largest being five dollars.

Don’t miss the paytable

It reveals all the elements involved in the game, showing you what all the symbols look like and their values.

Don’t miss a chance to reveal the bonus

The Lucky Streak Respin bonus is worth spotting if you can. If a prize is won on a single spin, the winning icons remain in position while everything else in sight goes through another spin. The respin is free and the idea is simple – try and find one or more icons matching the ones in the original prize. If you do, another spin is earned, and a bigger prize is won.

Free spins can be won too

You must find five or more of the scatter symbols to receive eight free games. The number eight is thought to be lucky, of course, so is that the case here?

The five triggering scatters is the least you need to get some freebies though. The more you can find in the triggering spin, the more games you can receive. The best is to fill the screen – all 15 positions – with scatters, as this would get you 50 free games.

These also provide the chance to trigger the Lucky Streak Respin whenever a prize is found. There is a difference though – whenever a prize is won, you would receive a random multiplier that is guaranteed to be a minimum of 2x… and possibly up to 10x.

As always with RTG games, the RTP is unknown

We’re unsure why they don’t release this information, but it’s not revealed in this game either.

Our rating for the Bao Ni 8 online slot game

This is a cool game, with respins and free spins galore if you have a good run of spins going. We cannot rate it any less than 8/10.

What is the biggest prize you could secure?

RTG confirms that the largest single prize available is to get 6,800x your bet on one spin.

Play the demo to get you started

Even now you have read our review, you cannot fully experience the game without playing it. The demo is there for that purpose, so you can see if you like it enough to move to the real thing.

Play for real as a member of an RTG casino

They should all provide access to Bao Ni 8 along with numerous other RTG games, so make sure you sign up for the one you like the most if you want to play the real version.

Mobile accessibility

The game was launched for playing across all platforms, with tablets and smartphones on the Android and iOS platforms just fine to use.