Diamond Mine Slots

Lots of slot games feature diamonds, and we are going to tackle another one of those here now. This Diamond Mine is not as detailed as some of the other games we’ve reviewed on a similar theme, but that’s great news if you like playing some basic slots that are easier to understand.

Get ready to dive into our slot review to find out more.

Developer information for the Diamond Mine slot game

This one comes from Realtime Gaming or RTG if you’d rather call them by their initials. Either way, we guess you’ve heard of them.

Demo possibilities

There is a demo version, so this gives you a chance to see how the game pans out before considering whether to play the real thing.

Does this have a basic theme?

It’s an obvious one, for sure, as there are diamonds on the reels. You also get dollar signs, so the monetary theme is in evidence wherever you look.

What kind of design has RTG gone for?

You might be surprised to see a basic design here, rather than the detailed interior of a diamond mine that you might have thought you’d get. Think one-armed bandit, as seen in all good casinos, and you’ve got the idea. It certainly looks the part in that respect.

The basic elements to watch for in the Diamond Mine slot

If you hadn’t already guessed, there are only three reels in this game. There are no wilds or scatter symbols, and no bonus either. That means you’re playing a classic game in many respects.

The diamond produces the second-highest prize for one, two, or three coins. It also pays out whenever just one or two are found on the line. The top prize is reserved for finding three dollar signs across the payline.

How many paylines are included?

Just the one in this case.

Are there some low bets you can use if you play for real?

Yes, although this isn’t a penny slot. You can, however, expect to see a cheap five-cent coin as the lowest one to use. If you want to bet more, you can do, with $5 the most you can wager per coin.

It’s good to know that each spin can be paid for with one, two, or three coins of your choice. That makes the minimum three-coin wager 15 cents and the maximum $15.

The paytable is highlighted above the reels

This keeps everything on one screen, so you can refer to the table whenever you need to.

Is there a bonus in this Diamond Mine slot game?

No, there’s nothing of the kind to find here.

No free spins are offered either

This is a classic slot based on a different theme, rather than offering the usual fruit symbols.

The RTP is unknown

That is common enough when considering whether to play RTG games, as they never seem to present us with that information.

Our rating for the Diamond Mine three-reel slot

It’s a good one, but probably only enjoyable for short periods. If you play it longer, it does get repetitive. We’ll give it 6 out of 10.

The biggest winners will be those who find three dollar signs

The prize won for that outcome would depend on how many coins were wagered, too. One coin would bring 800 coins as the prize, but that would be doubled if two coins had been played on the winning spin. If you bet three coins and managed to string a line of three dollar symbols together, the outcome would be 2,500 coins.

Play the demo to see if this game offers enough interest

Although you can wager just five cents a time on this game, it may not have enough features to excite you for long. That’s why we recommend the demo first.

Play the real version if you wish

You’re likely to spot the Diamond Mine slot game at all casinos that offer Realtime Gaming titles, so check those out today.

Play a classic slot on your mobile too

Yes, all iOS and Android users, whether that means a tablet or smartphone, can check out this casino game on their device wherever they are.