777 Slots

777 Slots
Not all slot games are complicated to play. Some stick with tried and tested options, choosing many classic symbols to line up for prizes to be paid. One of the classic icons you might see is the number seven, so does the 777 slot reveal a hint of what to expect?

Even though many classic games are a little dull, there are some that buck the trend and attempt something different. Does 777 fall somewhere in that range? Let’s see.

Developer information for 777

This one was created by Realtime Gaming, so you should realize that is a good omen right from the start.

You can play a demo too

The game does come with a version that contains demo credits, so you can play that to see what you think of it. No need to risk your budget until you know whether you like it.

Does 777 opt for a classic theme?

Yes, although not all the classic symbols are in evidence. You won’t find the cherries on the reels, for instance, although the bar symbols are ready for you, along with the sevens, of course.

They haven’t gone for a classic design though

There is no one-armed bandit here. Instead, you can see a modern appearance which comes as a surprise if you’re not expecting it. The controls are simple and everything is easy on the eye too.

How many reels and symbols are used?

There are three reels here, as you might have guessed. You may not have expected a progressive jackpot, but there is one that returns to $4,200 once it has been won, rather than going to zero and starting again from there. The jackpot trigger is a symbol showing you a mix of coins and cards. Find three of those across the line to receive the prize. Harder than you think, obviously!

That special icon for the jackpot prize is a substitute too, so it can be useful to see during play. It carries a multiplier worth 3x whenever one appears in a winning combo. Find two in a winning line and that multiplier shoots up to 9x instead.

Payline quantity in 777

The sevens aren’t relevant here, as there is just one line in play.

Bets to choose from

It looks like the smallest coin is worth 10 cents, which isn’t unusual for a progressive jackpot game. If people played for a penny a time, it would take ages for the pot to grow to a decent size. However, 10 cents would still be a reasonable sum. There are bigger coins too, so you get lots to choose from.

The paytable shares the screen with the reels

This means you can easily refer to it whenever you wish. It’s the ideal way to ensure you know where you stand when trying to collect prizes.

Does 777 come with a bonus?

No. However, you can make use of a hold option. This means you can pay the amount shown under a reel to hold it and spin the remaining ones again. We don’t use it, but some players might like the versatility of it being there.

There are no free spins to be won

Some three-reel games have them, but not this one.

RTP information for the 777 slot

Many RTG games are never released with this info, nor is it made available later. That seems to be the case here too.

Our rating for 777

It is tempting to say 7 out of 10 and that is indeed what we have settled on. It looks different to the traditional three-reel game and contains that nice wild multiplier too, so there are perks here. However, it doesn’t have enough involved to warrant a higher score.

How high could the jackpot go?

We like the reset value in play here, as it means any jackpot winner is guaranteed at least $4,200 if they get this prize. However, we guess there is some potential for it to climb way higher than that.

Play for entertainment if you wish

This is the perfect way to work out if this slot is appealing to you. If you like it but you don’t want to progress to real bets, that’s fine.

Play the 777 slot for real

You can do this if you are a member of a casino that offers the game. There are lots of casinos appealing to players in different countries that have 777 among the options.

Mobile playability for 777

Since there are only three reels in this simple game, it’s a good one to play on mobile platforms. You can use Android devices, an iPad, an iPhone, or even a BlackBerry or Windows device if you wish.