Wild Fire 7s Slots

Wild Fire 7s… what does that tell you about this game? Not much, admittedly, but we are going to set you right on that score here. We think you’ll like the look of this game, especially as there is a lot happening. It has a classic feel along with a classy one, so if that piques your interest, settle back and let’s see what else we can find out about this game.

Developer details to start us off…

This is another game from the ever-busy crew at Realtime Gaming (RTG).

Do they give us the chance to try a demo?

They do – and you should try it too, as it gives you a better sense of how the real version might go. Of course, you shouldn’t assume you’ll have the same performance in each.

What about the theme?

Fiery sevens… that is about it really! The symbols in play here are classics though – think bar symbols, various colors of sevens, and the popular cherries too.

What’s the design like?

It’s simple yet powerful, giving you a chance to look at the basics of the game. While it is based on a one-armed bandit machine, it does put the reels front and center, and that means you’ve got a chance to focus on what makes this slot game’s reels spin. We’re getting back to basics here, yet in a pleasing way with a strikingly good design in action.

The main elements of Wild Fire 7s

This is a three-reel slot, as you might have guessed by now. There are three symbols showing per reel. The game also comes with a progressive jackpot. This sits above the reels so you can always check the current amount ready to be won.

You won’t find a wild symbol in this game, but you will see a free games icon and a jackpot icon.

Paylines in Wild Fire 7s

The game has five lines in action. You can see how those are positioned by checking the paytable. They’re all fixed, so you need to bet on all of them on each spin.

Betting options

The smallest bet here is 50 cents, which means you’re betting 10 cents per line. The largest total bet is five dollars, taking your line bet up to $1 per line.

Paytable details

Look to the left of reel one. The info button is there, so you only need to hit that to get more details about the rules of the game.

Is there a bonus feature in the game?

No, but you should watch for the jackpot logo to appear on the fourth reel. If this happens, you’ll receive the progressive jackpot. Long odds, of course, but keep an eye on it anyway!

Watch for the free games symbol

This must appear on the fourth reel of the game… yes, there is one of those too. It’s a small reel, showing just one symbol. If the free games icon lands there, you’ll receive seven free games. Everything won during those games gets a generous 5x multiplier.

Incidentally, that fourth reel could also show a multiplier. If you won a prize on a spin and a multiplier displayed on that reel, you’d get that applied to your prize to make it bigger.

RTP details don’t appear

We checked every inch of the paytable, but nothing turned up on this topic. It’s common enough to find this with RTG games though.

Our rating for Wild Fire 7s

This slot game is far bigger and more appealing than you might initially suppose. It won’t suit every player – not least those who like betting less than 10 cents per line. However, there is enough here to grant a 7/10 score from our team.

How much is it possible to win?

A single spin can net up to 17,850x your bet. Of course, you’ve got the progressive jackpot opportunity too, which could be any value depending on its amount when it triggers.

Play a few practice spins to get the hang of it

It doesn’t take long to work out all the rules, especially with the detailed paytable available. However, you can see what you think about the game in other respects too, especially with the mini fourth reel in play.

Play for real to have a chance at the jackpot

A slim chance, of course, but it’s there, nonetheless. If you’re keen to find out more, you can play a few demo spins and then decide whether you want to take the step toward the real thing…

Mobile gaming available too

It is, and this game looks superb on a small smartphone screen or larger tablet.