5 Wishes Slots

5 Wishes Slots

There are many slot games based around magical topics, and we have another one for you here. 5 Wishes uses a popular theme based on the magic lamp seen in Aladdin. Are you about to meet the fabled genie?

You'll find out when you read more about the game and get ready to check it out. Our slot game review covers the symbols, the features, and the thrills you might have if you decide to play.

Who developed the 5 Wishes slot?

This one comes to us from a popular developer called Realtime Gaming. You might also know them as RTG.

Does this slot game include a demo?

You can always count on RTG to provide access to a demonstration version of a slot they've created, and that's true of this one too.

Exploring the magical theme

Aladdin, the genie, the magic lamp… yes, the 5 Wishes slot does tread old ground here, but it does so in a magical way. You're going to like it, even if this isn't your favorite theme.

Design features in 5 Wishes

The game has made the most of all the design elements available to use today. It looks the part and uses an appealing palette of colors.

Reels, special symbols, and more in 5 Wishes

You do get five reels in this game, with three icons appearing on each one. The game also highlights the use of two progressive jackpots. You'll see these increasing in value as you play, shown above the set of reels in action.

If you thought the genie might be wild here, top marks for you… as you're right. He's a generous genie too, offering double the usual prize if he helps you create a winning combination of symbols.

The genie's lamp appears in the game as well, just as you thought it might. This is used as a scatter.

How many paylines are there?

You'll see 25 lines here, variable in nature. This means you don't need to play them all, but it also means a prize turning up on an unpaid line wouldn't be given to you, so think about how you want to approach the game.

Choose your bets

There is a nice range of options to go with here. Players can choose coins worth from just a penny apiece up to a dollar.

Where is the paytable?

Look for something called a burger icon - a three-lined symbol spotted below the reels. The paytable is behind that, and we suggest reading it prior to play.

Bonus information for 5 Wishes

This is a short section because no bonus is provided.

What about securing some free spins?

You can do this, with three magic lamps triggering 10 free games to play. There is a chance to secure the same quantity again if three more lamps turn up in a single spin.

The genie pops up as the wild with the usual 2x multiplier here too, but there is a twist. He may choose to add further wilds to the reels if he turns up, although there is no guarantee. We bet you'll be watching the genie more closely, though.

RTP information is unknown

There is never any info of this type available for RTG games. We've seen others that are thought to sit at approximately 95%, but it's not certain.

What is our rating for this game?

This is certainly worth 8/10, as it gives you a twist on the standard free games feature. It looks good too, offering a nice enjoyable theme.

Everyone hopes to get a progressive jackpot prize

With two available instead of just one, everyone is going to be watching for those and hoping they get the combo that will deliver one into their account.

Are you going to play for practice purposes only?

You should, as it provides a great way to figure out how everything works in real time.

Play the 5 Wishes slot for real

This can be done cheaply at many RTG casinos, so watch out for the option to appear and consider whether the game is right for your budget.

Can you play a mobile version instead?

Yes, and the only difference is the controls. You'll soon get the hang of them, whether you play on Android or iOS.