Bank on it Slots

If you think you’ve seen everything possible in a three-reel slot, we are going to prove you’re incorrect. We’ve revealed one facet of this game already, then, but be prepared to find out a lot more to come when we review the Bank On It slot game.

This is a superb game that has far more on offer than you’d think. It might look formulaic to start with but get ready… there are some surprises in store.

Let’s begin with some developer information

The game was created by RTG. While you might think of them as creators for lots of five-reel slots, they’ve got a good suite of three-reel ones as well.

Can you try a demo version?

You can – Realtime Gaming is, as ever, reliable in providing you with the chance to test it before deciding whether this is one to spend some of your budget on.

Does this game have a banking theme?

Good guess, but it doesn’t go in that direction. It does have what you might call a home bank though – a piggy bank! The surprised little piggy appears to the right of the paytable.

This one has a comical design

The little piggy appears in pink and looks surprised for a reason – there is a hammer hovering above it, threatening to smash it to bits. That highlights the main attraction of this game, which we’ll come to shortly.

Aside from that, you can see lots of gold coins tumbling down in the background to the game.

What should you expect to see in Bank On It slots?

We’ve revealed there are three reels in action already, but that’s just the beginning. The game also has a wild symbol, which uses that word to make it easy to see. This replaces everything else that might appear in the game.

The game doesn’t have any progressive jackpots, so the biggest prize is reserved at 1,400 coins if you play three coins and net the jackpot on the paytable.

Is there a single payline in the game?

Yes – as a traditional three-reel game, it does have just one line to bet on.

Play from just five cents per go

A nickel per play is possible here, although other coins are available to a maximum of $5 a time. You can access other areas of the paytable for a chance of bigger prizes when you play two or three coins instead.

An easy to find paytable

Since this is a three-reel game, the table is presented above the reels as per usual.

Is there a bonus feature?

Yes… but it isn’t quite what you might expect. Whenever you play a bet, there is a chance the reels could stop and display three blank areas. Whenever this occurs, the wager you bet on that spin is put into the piggy bank. This is seen to the right of the paytable.

If you are playing with three coins per spin, you can look and see if three piggies appear on the payline during a spin. If they do, you will receive the contents of the piggy bank.

No free spins are up for grabs in this one

Sadly, you can’t expect any freebies in the Bank On It slot game.

Another unknown RTP

Realtime Gaming doesn’t often reveal the RTP value for its games, so it isn’t a surprise to see that information missing here.

Our rating for Bank On It

We love the piggy bank feature but remember that it does require three coins to be played. With the wild in action as well, it makes the game entertaining enough to stand out from other three-reelers. We’re giving it 7 out of 10.

How much could winners receive from the piggy bank?

There is no way of telling, as the bank could continue to fill for a while before the three pigs arrive to empty it for you. There is no guarantee of that, of course, so there is the potential for it to receive plenty of coins before finally breaking open.

Start with the demo to play for enjoyment

This is a nice game to pass the time with. Many players would likely enjoy the demo alone, and maybe you’ll feel the same.

Would you decide to move on and play for real?

Bank On It slots provide a twist on the typical three-reel game you might get the chance to play. Many good RTG casinos have this among their three-reel collection, so look out for it there if you’re curious to play the real thing.

Accessibility for mobile users

Owners of Android, Windows, and iOS devices shouldn’t have any difficulty in playing the Bank On It slot on their tablet or smartphone.