Bonkers Slots

Whenever you choose a slot game to play, you want to have a good time, right? You don't want to be driven mad by the features of the game. So, finding a slot game called Bonkers makes us wonder whether that is a good or a bad thing. What would you make of it?

If you haven't heard of the Bonkers online slot before, you're in the best place to change all that. Our review gives you access to the details few other reviews provide. Need we say more?

We are in the hands of a reliable developer for this one

RTG has created many amazing slot games in recent times. This is another great entry to their collection.

Don't forget you can get started with the demo

This means you're not paying to play the game. You're not in with a chance to receive real coin wins either, but it does give you a chance to see how everything works.

What is the theme like?

Well, there's not much of one to speak of, really. The game is called Bonkers and that word does appear in crazy type on the reels, but everything else is quite normal.

Based on a classic design

By classic, we mean the excellent slot machine design you'd see if you visited a real casino. They've even added the handle you would pull to spin the reels. Of course, you can use the usual tap or click method to work the game.

Reels and icons to expect in Bonkers!

If you hadn't already figured it out, the game presents you with three reels. There is just one special symbol worth mentioning here… did you guess it might just be the word Bonkers? It is, appearing in splashy form on the reels. You want to look for this, because prizes are paid whenever just one appears on the payline.

That said, the logo for the game also has another role to play, and we'll get to that shortly.

Just the one payline in this game

You might already have guessed that, but yes, we can confirm your wagers are restricted to just one line.

Are there some different options to consider when betting on the game?

Yes, and while you can't start at a penny wager, you can get started at a nickel a time. RTG has given us access to lots more coins too, maxing out at five dollars a time.

As is common with these three-reel games, there is an option to play with just one coin on the line or to consider betting with two or three instead. Betting more coins opens different prize areas of the paytable.

The paytable is split into three columns

This means you can see what the potential payouts would be if you found some winning combos while betting with one, two, or three coins. The top prize for one coin would be 200 coins, and this increases to 400 coins for a two-coin bet. If you placed three coins on the line, your prize would be much larger at 1,200 coins. All other prizes increase in line with each other.

Does the Bonkers slot game include a bonus feature?

No, there is nothing of the kind here.

Free spins aren't offered but respins are

This is good news, and we can confirm that the spins are connected to the Bonkers icon. If you find two of those icons, you secure the appropriate prize as per the paytable. However, you also receive three winning respins. Yes, you read that correctly - each one of those spins is guaranteed to result in a prize.

If you find three Bonkers logos on the line, you'll earn 10 winning respins. So, that would guarantee 10 prizes in a row before you return to paying for your spins. That is quite a feature!

An unknown RTP value

Bonkers wasn't released with return to player information, but if we work out what the likely value might be, we'll share it here.

What is our rating for the Bonkers online slot game?

This is a nice slot that offers more than the usual three-reeler would provide. It won't be ideal for everyone, but if you tend to play five-reel games and you'd like to play a three-reel one for a change with a twist, this is the one. We're giving it 8 out of 10 for those winning respins.

What is the biggest prize for winners of the game?

The standard paytable jackpot is 1,200 coins for finding three red sevens on the payline while wagering three coins on it. Of course, if you managed to scoop those 10 respins, who knows which prizes you might receive during those spins?

The demo is the perfect introduction to this game

Even if you're not usually keen on three-reel games, this one might change your mind. Certainly, it's nice to try if you're looking for something different. You may not go bonkers over it, but it could be a nice segue into something new, hmm?

Play for real by finding Bonkers at a good RTG casino

There are lots of online casinos that work using RTG software. If you'd found one that accepts players from your country, you should be able to put in some real bets there once you've made a deposit.

Did you know mobile play is possible too?

Yes, you can go Bonkers on a smartphone or tablet if you like. Android fans and Apple fans… all are welcome!